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This is a programmer's text editor and IDE targeted at C/C++ development. The program is still relatively new but stable: I use it every day, as well as to develop itself.

"Sisong" is inspired by my favorite editor from Win32, Notepad++, although it does not share any code with either Notepad++ or SciTE, NPP's editing component.

A design goal is to stay lightweight and flexible. To this end, it uses a "build script" instead of "project files", so your program is not tied to any particular IDE and it is obvious exactly what will be done. You can use make, jam, or your build tool of choice. Heck, you can even develop HTML and have your script call "hey" to activate & refresh your browser when you "build".

Building is done in a pop-up compile pane. The pane can parse gcc error messages and take you to the location of the error. It will also redirect your program's stdout.

Currently supported is:
  • Tabbed interface
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Sequenced ("Ctrl+F, S") and F-key configurable keyboard shortcuts
  • Function List side-panel
  • Popup Build pane with highlighting of gcc error messages
  • Find All, Replace All in All, & Find in Files search abilities
  • Remembers project layouts at last time each project was closed
  • GPL3, open source.
  • Built-in MP3 player (no, this one is a lie).


  The official target is Haiku R1/Alpha, and is tested to build and run on a fresh install of that OS without incident. Incidentally, the binary was also tested briefly on Zeta, and it worked.

Please Click this Button and send me your feedback, comments, or feature requests, so I can make it better.

For the latest updates in-between official releases, the SVN repository is recommended.
Note that some features may be incomplete.
svn co

Download (RC2-16)
Download Source
Technical Overview of the code