five75 project


Possibly a dumb name, but regardless, this is a project to develop third-party software for the operating system Haiku, including an IDE and a photo-editor. All software is free software under the GPL, and is intended to complement the default install of the Haiku base image.

I am using Haiku full-time and am attempting to fill in some of the gaps in application support as I see them. I hope that this work will be useful to others and help support the Haiku project.

The apps currently on the list are as follows:

  •  An IDE/Programmer's Editor
    Haiku comes out-of-the-box with both PE and vim, and there are other IDEs available, but I did not find any of these sufficient for serious development work. I have written an Editor/IDE, currently named Sisong, which is somewhat similar to the Win32 editor Notepad++.

  •  Intr~Doodle
    An online game, a screensaver, and a living doodle: Intr~Doodle is a little bit of each. With Intr~Doodle you can sketch anything you want in real-time on a persistant virtual canvas shared with other Haiku users. (Get binary from Haikuware).

  •  Photo-Editor
    I have code I wrote for a Photoshop clone, working name "Ophyrus", which was written in C for Win32. It was in beta stage and reasonably usable when I aborted the project due to it becoming too complex to keep track of. It would need to be refactored into C++ to reduce the complexity and all the Win32 code converted to Be API, then development on it can continue. I think there's some good code in there and it's probably worth reviving, especially since one of the main reasons I reboot into Windows is to use Photoshop.

  •  Assembly-level debugger
    I am considering writing an assembly-level debugger, similar to OllyDbg. I am not sure if there is anything like this already.

  •  Assorted games
    I am porting some of my SDL games to Haiku. The biggest news here is CloneKeen, which is actually at a higher version (8.4) than the latest Windows build (8.3), so you can tell people that Haiku gets new games before Windows. Links coming soon.

  •  SDL patch
    I didn't write SDL obviously, but there is a bug in the stable version (1.23) on BeOS-like platforms that can break your fullscreen by selecting the wrong resolution. But the good news is I patched it, and you can find pre-built binaries and source files here. (Intended for those who don't want to mess with attempting to compile SDL 1.3 from the SVN, which has a different, but also effective, patch to do the same).

  •  SeaTone
    SeaTone is a program that makes arcade-style sound effects using sound synthesis. You can see the old Win32 version here. Anyway, I intend to go back over the code and update it to Be API, then re-release it as open source (is currently just freeware).